lørdag 12. mars 2011

New fox on the feeding area.

Tonight at 3:40 I was awakened by my driveway patrol.
I didd stodd up from the bed to walk down to the bathroom, looked tru the window. I saw nothing, so I opened it and took out my Marlin XS7. Just as I got the gun on the window sill, so I saw the fox go up the hill next to åta/feeding area, to disappear. I stood for 5 minutes waiting for it to come back, but it did not happen. It was -21 degrees outside, so it quickly became cold to be without clothes. I closed the window to legend, and went tobedd again.
Now I have seen fox two nights in a row on åten/feeding area mine. But not been abel shot at them. Slightly early to conclude anything vdr Fur-FindeR, but I miss my mind that it is the reason why the fox comes back in the area where åten/the feeding area are located. I think the most effektiv use of the extinguiser is when you can sit and watch the åten/feeding area all night. When it appears that the fox is very skeptical of this, to go around åten/feeding area, not on.

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